3 Best Apps for Booking Hotels – Find Cheap Accommodation for the Family

best apps for booking hotels

Looking for a place to stay abroad for the whole family? Accommodation arrangements take a big chunk of the family’s travel budget besides the plane tickets.

It can be stressful if you are trying to search for hotel or travel accommodation at cheap prices especially if you are on a tight budget.

Yes, it is possible to get accommodation for the family at really cheap prices. Just grab your smartphone or tablet and install the recommended apps.

We already covered best apps that can help parents find cheap flight deals. This time we will list down the top apps (available for iOS and Android users for free) that parents can use to find and book the best accommodation deals for the family.

Here are the Wander Fampack’s best apps for booking hotels and finding cheap accommodation:


Booking is not only one the biggest online travel agency (OTA), it is also one of the top-rated travel apps for Apple and Android users, with over 20 million downloads.

An average of 1.2 million daily reservations are being done through Booking.

Being one of the top OTA has its advantage, as Booking can offer good deals in the lower price categories and it lists more properties compared to other companies.

You will have a comprehensive choice of accommodation which you can suit to your family’s needs.

The list of properties range small, family-run bed and breakfast to five-star luxury suites.

You can filter and sort the results by a number of options like price range, property type, facilities and others. With the wide range of filter and sorting options, you will have better accommodation choices that are family-friendly.

When selecting a hotel or any accommodation, you also would like to read first reviews. The great thing about Booking is the reviews that you will read are authentic and real.

They have a system wherein verified reviews which are also recent (from the past 14 months to present) are the published. With the accurate reviews available, you will have an easier time selecting the best accommodation for the family at the cheapest price.


HotelsCombined is a hotel metasearch engine app that searches from all the top travel websites including Expedia, Hotels.com, Agoda and many more.

Because of its partnership with numerous online travel agencies as well as hotel chains, users can access over 5 million hotel deals. You can pretty much search and compare the best rates available.

Just like Booking app, HotelsCombined offer wide range of accommodation choices like apartment, motel, vacation rental, resort, hotels, villas and others.

As the app may provide you numerous results, the multiple filter options will help you narrow down the accommodations that can meet your family’s preference.

Once you selected the hotel room of your choice, you can get to view the different deals from the numerous OTA’s.

Even when you get the best price, you might not still be decided to proceed to booking the room. To make it easier for you to decide on whether to get your selected hotel room, HotelsCombined provide a comprehensive review summary.

You will be confident with the chosen hotel once you read the comments and see the available review rating summary like cleanliness, service and many more. You will also know if that hotel is frequently booked by families or groups.

Should there be a chance that after you book your family’s hotel room through HotelsCombined, there is a lower online rate available, you can get a refund for the difference.


If you want alternative accommodation for the family other than hotels, you can try to use the AirBnb app.It could be an apartment, a villa or even a castle.

With AirBnb, you have unique choices of over 2.5 million homes in 191 countries listed by hosts or homeowners that meet the company’s standards including trust, safety and security.

So why choose AirBnb homes over hotels?  You can get the best value for money. There were reports that discussed that staying in a rented apartment can be cheaper than staying in a hotel room.

One rented home (which is basically larger in size and offers numerous amenities) can have the same price as a small hotel room. This can be a great consideration especially if you have a big family. You may want your kids to have a larger space to roam around if you will rent a house instead of a hotel.

Should you decide to use AirBnb, you may want to do your research on the properties that you are eyeing. It would also be helpful if you read some tips available online especially if you and your family are would-be first time Airbnb renters.


If you only need to choose one among the 3 apps, you can select with HotelsCombined. It also covers what Booking has to offer plus results from OTA’s. But if you want to do in-depth research on hotel rates and other deals, you can still try both and compare results. Who knows, you might get a better deal with Booking.

If you want to experience a unique accommodation other than that of hotels for the family, you can try out AirBnb. You might end up saving a lot of money if you choose AirBnb homes.

Or, you can install all three apps. Do you own research and look for the best deals and the accommodations that best suit your family’s needs using these apps.

In the end, you have will be presented by the best choices and you will save money by using these 3 best apps for booking hotels.