3 Best Apps for Finding Cheap Flights for Your Family’s Next Travel Abroad this 2017

Are you planning to travel abroad with the whole family? Whether you’re going to America, Europe, Asia, Australia or New Zealand, one of the most expensive item for your budget list is the airfare. Just imagine the cost of the plane tickets if you are family with 3-5 kids!

As a budget-conscious parent, you would definitely want to get the best flight deals for your family. If you can grab the cheapest flights available (while considering other factors), you can save a lot of money and spend it on other travel expenses.

How can you get the best prices for plane tickets? Well, you can do the old-fashioned way, open your browser and start using Google. Or you can use your smartphone or tablet and download the apps to search and book flights.

There are a lot of apps out there that you can try. You can spend a lot of time installing and trying out different apps.

But to save you time, we have done our homework and tested some of these apps and have chosen the top 3 free apps (available for Android and iOS users for free) that can suitably meet your needs of getting the best flight deals for the family.

Here are Wander FamPack’s best 3 apps for searching and booking your family’s next flight deals:


Hopper is an app that predicts flight prices and tells users when is the best time to book a flight. You get a recommendation on whether you should wait or book now.

So how is it possible that it can offer such recommendation?

According to Hopper, their data-science team collects massive amounts of data, which amounts to more than one billion individual, real-time flight prices each day as well as having collected a huge historical archive of trillions of flight prices.

With their data and algorithms, the flight prices can be predicted and Hopper users can be advised whether to buy or wait. They may not be right all the time, but they claim to be accurate 95% of the time.

As Hopper is also an online travel agency, they manage the booking directly. Should you decide to buy plane tickets, you can book directly using the app.


Hipmunk is an app that helps you look for the best flights (and hotels) deals by comparing top travel sites.

It will give you the best choice for you not only by price and schedule but also by a unique index that Hipmunk calls “Agony”.

Agony is a score based on a combination of factors including price, flight duration and number of stops. This can be an important factor when selecting flight if you have small kids.

Flight search results are displayed nicely like a visual chart. You can sort the results by price, agony, take-off and landing. You can also select your preferred airlines and number of stops. Likewise, it is easy to look for flights that have available Wi-fi.

Once you found the best flight available for your family, you can book it through Hipmunk. You will be redirected to the online travel agency or travel provider’s website for the booking process.

We did mention that besides flight, you can get hotel deals from Hipmunk. What is even better is Hipmunk offers users last minute hotel deals that you can also take advantage of.


Skyscanner is a travel fare aggregator that searches for cheap flights by comparing hundreds of airlines across millions of flights on a daily basis. Similar to Hipmunk, it is also a travel search engine where you get to search not only on flights but also hotels and car rentals.

If your family doesn’t have a specific date of travel, but already planned it to be a couple of months from now, you can check the chart view of the app.

It shows a calendar view of flight prices so you will know the cheapest months and days to fly.

Given this information, you can be flexible in choosing the best dates. You can filter results by flight duration, airline, stopovers, cabin class, departure and arrival dates.

If you are not decided yet or you are still hoping for better deals, you can also set up price alerts using the app and you get notified when price of flight changes.

For the adventurous families that plan to travel abroad but do not know yet where to, Skyscanner is the best app to use. You can use the app search option of cheapest flights to “Everywhere”. You can get the cheapest tickets to cheapest destinations from the cheapest airport from you country.

After you find the best available flight at the cheapest price for the family, you can buy the tickets through Skyscanner. Just like Hipmunk, the app will direct you to the chosen airline or travel agent where you can make your booking directly.

If for some reason you do not like the app versions, you have the option to access Hipmunk and Skyscanner through their website.  However, Hopper is only available via the app.

You can select any of the 3 or use them in combination to help you do your in-depth research for lowest flight deals. You can search and compare the results of these apps.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning for your family’s travel abroad. Install these apps, search, and book the cheapest flights and save money for your family!