Best Lightweight Daypack for Travel under $20 for the Budget Conscious Family

Whether you are traveling abroad, hiking, camping or going for a day trip family activity, a daypack is a travel must-have. Every member of the family (parents and big/small kids) practically needs to have one for their own personal stuffs.

best lightweight daypack for travel

If you have a family of four, you might think that buying daypacks for everyone can be expensive. Well, that is not entirely true. If you are budget-conscious, you can get the best lightweight daypack for travel for less than $20.

Think about it, for a family of four, you only get to spend less than $80. That certainly would not hurt the travel budget especially if the family will be traveling abroad. Being cheap does not mean less quality, but rather value for your money.

To help you save the money and time (it can be tedious researching online), here is Wander FamPack‘s list of top 3 picks of the best lightweight daypack with price tag under $20.

HikPro Ultra Lightweight Daypack

best lighweight daypack HikproPrice: $16.99 at Amazon    

Weight: 6.5 oz/0.18 kg/0.41 lbs
Volume: 19.95 liters
Dimension: 18 x 5.5 x 12 inches

Available Colors: Navy, Black, Teal, Red

Why we like it: It has the right combination of size and capacity. The daypack is very lightweight (only 6.5 oz). For the cheap price of $16.99, you still get a daypack made of high quality material
that is tear resistant. It can support up to 40 pounds (18.14 kg).

It is water-resistant. You do not have to worry about weather changes if you are out touring the city. This also is perfect for bringing to the your hiking trip or camping.

This daypack is packable. You can fold this nicely, almost as the size of a wallet. The packable features makes this compact and this would not take up any significant space in the family’s luggage.

If you like your stuffs organized inside your bag, you will like Hikpro as it has three zippered compartments. You can put a lot if things in the main pocket, which also has a wide opening. This will be convenient as it is easy to put a laptop computer or other big items. There is also an inner pocket in the main pack (when you fold the daypack, this will serve as the small bag). There is also two large side mesh pockets where you can put your water bottles.

Should you buy this daypack? Well, according to more that 2,000 5-star reviews in Amazon, this is definitely a good buy. You do not have to worry that you might be buying a piece of junk with this highly-rated daypack.

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Daypack (Large35L)

Price: $18.32-$19.99 at Amazon      Best Lightweight Daypack for Travel - outlander

Weight: 10.4 oz/0.30 kg/0.65 lbs
Volume: 35 liters
Dimension: 18.5 x 7.5 x 13 inches

Available Colors: Blue, Dark Blue, Fuchsia, Green, Grey, Black, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red

Why we like it: It is a daypack made of rip and water resistant nylon fabic that can endure the rigors of your family travel whether you will use it outdoors for camping or city touring.

It has a roomy compartment of 35 liter capacity. It has three zippered compartments, with two in front and the main one. The large main compartment can accommodate large stuffs like your DLSR camera,
clothes, and other travel gear. It also has an open but separate area in the main compartment where  you can use of your tablet or laptop. It has two side pockets that can be handy for your water bottles.

One hassle-free feature of this lightweight daypack is it does not have flaps near the zipper. For
other bags, the flap can get stucked in the zipper mechanism.  This means you do not have to struggle zipping or unzipping the bag especially if you are in a hurry of getting your stuffs out.

Since this daypack is also packable, it can folded down into its zippered front pocket. At a folded size of 8.5×8.5×1.2 inches, you can easily fit the folded bag into your luggage.

Should you buy this daypack? Yes, you should. This is another best buy as recommended by the 1600 5-star reviews from Amazon. It has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Gonex Ultralight Handy Travel Daypack

Price: $11.98-$12.98 at Amazon      Ultralight Handy Travel Daypack - Gonex

Weight: 6.4 oz/0.185 kg/0.4 lbs
Volume: 20 liters
Dimension: 17.32 x 5.9 x 11.8 inches

Why we like it: At under $13, this is really cheap. But don’t be fooled by its price. It may be cheap but the daypack can deliver.

It is made of high quality water and tear resistant nylon material with SBS metal zipper. It can withstand your travel demands, whether you are going outdoors camping or hiking, or city touring. It can also be your everyday bag for gym or school.

At a generous 20 liter capacity, this daypack has a main pocket that can fit your clothes, electronic stuffs and other travel gear. It has also an inner zippered pocket where you can put your valuables like passport, cash and credit card. The outer two nylon mesh pockets can fit your water bottles or umbrellas.

This is also a foldable daypack. It can be folded down to the size of 6.3×6.3 inches, which can conveniently fit your travel luggage.

Should you buy this daypack? At a cheap price of under $13, it hard to say no to this lightweight daypack. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in Amazon (from more than 900 reviews) which also makes this a recommended buy.

Conclusion and Recommendations

We recommend the Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Daypack for parents as it has a larger capacity of 35 liter. Normally parents carry more stuffs than the kids so the roomy compartment of this daypack can provide the

The HikPro and Gonex Ultralightweight daypacks are recommended for kids. The 20 liter capacity and bag size is just the right combination and suitable for the kids’ needs. Of course, if parents and bigger kids prefer a smaller option than the 35 liter Outlander daypack, they can also choose these 2 daypacks.

If you are thinking of buying daypacks for the whole family, you cannot go wrong with the 3 picks that we listed. You do not need to spend more. For less than $20, you get can the best lightweight daypack at a cheap price.