Looking for an Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo? Get a Baby Travel System

Are you a new or expecting parent looking to buy an infant car seat? Are you also looking to buy a stroller? Both are useful and necessary travel items for your baby, but do you know that there’s a baby travel system that actually gives you both items in one, making it a more convenient and practical  choice.

If you are planning for your first road trip with your baby and it will involve lots of walking or strolling around, this is one travel must-have that you definitely need to purchase.

baby travel system is essentially an infant car seat and stroller combo. It comes with a compatible rear-facing infant car seat with a handle that makes it also an instant infant carrier. Just unbuckle and remove from the car, and connect the car seat to the stroller. A car seat, infant carrier, and stroller all in one convenient product!

Why Should You Get a Baby Travel System?

If you want portability and convenience, getting the baby travel system is definitely a good buy.

You will not disturb your baby’s precious nap time. You can easily transfer your baby from the car to the stroller and vice versa. If your baby is already sleeping soundly in the car seat and you need to go out of the car, you don’t need to remove him from the car seat. Just grab the car seat as an infant carrier and attach it to the stroller – and your baby will soon be rocked away deeper into dreamland as you go about your activities.

What Can Hold you back from Buying a Baby Travel System?

Size can be a factor. Compared to a typical stand-alone stroller, the size of the stroller from the baby travel system can be bulky as it needs to match the size of the car seat. If the stroller is also bulky, storing it can be an issue if you have a smaller car.

Another factor is you will only be using the infant car seat for more or less around 6 months only, depending on the weight and height of your baby. You will end up buying another car seat when your baby grows up.

But if portability and convenience is your top priority for the first months of your baby, then these factors can just be slight drawbacks. Besides, you can still use the stroller even if your baby is bigger or heavier.

What do you Need to Consider in Buying Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo

Now that you have the pros and cons of the Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo, you might think you’re ready to purchase one now. But wait, here are a few more useful information to help you decide if this is really the product that best suits you.

Infant Car Seat

The Infant car seat is a rear facing seat that is suitable for babies from 4 to 30 pounds and height up to 30-35 inches. For the limited amount of time that you will be using the car seat, you want to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety as well as your convenience.

You might want to look for travel systems that will offer varieties of infant car seat that can fit to different types of stroller. With this, you will be flexible to choose the best infant car seat with the stroller of your choice. One good example is the travel system from Graco. You can select from a range of SnugRide infant car seat that can fit to all Graco Click Connect Strollers.

Graco SnugRide Connect Models

The safety features you need to check are the energy-absorbing foam, newborn head support and 5-point harness that you can easily adjust the height. Remember to do your research to check the safety ratings of the different infant car seat.

If you are a mom, you would want a lightweight infant car seat that you can easily carry and transfer to the stroller. Installing the car seat to the vehicle either by a car seat base or directly by the seat belt should also be stress-free.

For your baby’s comfort, you need to consider the multiple base recline positions, car seat cushion, and infant head and body support. Since the car seat can also be converted to an infant carrier, a canopy with added features like visor and window are also great for babies especially during the daytime.


Selecting the stroller can be tedious. You also have different options to choose from. Again, a compatible stroller would be your best choice as this can match to the different infant car seat. As an example, you can check out the Graco Click Connect Strollers which are compatible to the Graco SnugRide infant car seat infant car seat.   

For convenience, you want the stroller to be lightweight and easy to fold with just one hand.   The stroller can also stand by itself when folded. 

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System standing stroller

Do you want the standard four-wheel or a three-wheel stroller?

It will depend on your lifestyle. If you will be using the stroller on normal surfaces, then you can select the standard four-wheel stroller. If your family usually goes outdoors with varying terrain, then the three-wheel stroller is you best choice given its advantage in maneuverability.4 wheel vs 3 wheel photoYou can also check the jogger stroller, which is a type of the three-wheel stroller. What makes it distinct is the wheels are air-filled rubber tires that provide suspension for a baby’s smooth ride for any terrain outdoors.Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller_photo of stroller - CopyYou also would like to consider are the amount of storage space available in the stroller in the storage basket (under the seat), child’s tray with cup holders and parent’s tray with storage. Since you will be outdoors, it would be hassle-free if you bring all travel essentials and put it all on the available storage space in the stroller.

Protecting your baby from the sun is also important. The large canopy which can be extended should provide ample shade for your baby.


The infant car seat and stroller combo or the baby travel system is a travel must-have especially for new parents. The portability and convenience that it offers outweigh drawbacks like bulkiness of the stroller and limited time of use of the infant car seat.  

To give you flexibility in choosing the travel system, you might want to check a range of infant car seats that can fit to compatible strollers. In a way, you can mix and match and create your own travel system.  

To help you decide, try checking the available baby travel system  in the market today. Your baby will definitely need it very soon and then you can start planning your family trip.

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