Toddler Travel Bed – Sleeping Solution for the Traveling Toddlers

Traveling with a toddler? We’ll let you in on a secret. Here is something that is mostly a least priority, but should actually be a must-have for a worry-free family trip: Toddler Travel Bed.

What is a Toddler Travel Bed anyway?

Well, it is just like what your little munchkin has been using at home all this time – that bigger-than-a-crib but smaller-than-a-single-bed kind of thing – only that this kind is lighter and compact enough to fit into your car trunk along with the rest of your travel essentials.  

It is essentially for your toddler to have a restful sleep or a quick power nap, but you’ll be surprised at how many other uses it has.

Why do you need it?

Simple. Because you want to have an enjoyable trip! You very well know that a well-slept toddler is a contented toddler. And a happy toddler makes happy parents! ☺

Here’s a comparison of the different types of Toddler Travel Beds in the market today.

Fold-up Toddler Travel Bed

Travel bed for toddlers - Folding Bed

This children’s portable travel bed is easy to set up, pack away, and store when not in use. Whoever invented the fold-up camping chair is a genius! But the one who thought of using the same assembly to make a portable toddler bed is a rocket scientist!

So, simply unfold it to turn it into a bed, or fold it right back when it’s time to pack away.

It can double as an outdoor bench for your little ones. Whether in the park or on the beach, it comes in handy to sit and play on, or get a quick nap to recharge their energies.

Toddler Travel Bed Folding Bed

Don’t worry about the bits and pieces of chips or sand that gets into the bed. Because of its canvas material, it’s easy to wipe down, ready for another good night’s sleep.

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Now, this kids’ travel bed is more like your typical air bed, except that many of this type has raised sides once inflated. That should be a good thing, especially for children who move around a lot when asleep. You won’t have to worry about them falling off the bed!

Shrunks Toddler bed_photo of toddler sleeping

Although there are self-inflating toddler travel beds, too, the more comfortable types need a pump to inflate and deflate it (you can also blow into it, which we don’t really recommend – save your energy for the more enjoyable parts of your trip!). When not in use, once deflated, it rolls up tightly like a sleeping bag.

The inflatable toddler travel bed is more expensive than the fold-up type because it is made from high-quality durable material. As long as you keep it away from sharp objects that can punch into it, you’ll be delighted to keep it long after your child is no longer a toddler – great hand-me-downs to younger siblings or cousins.☺inflatable toddler bedAlthough it is relatively just as easy to clean (you can either wipe or shake the dirt off), we don’t recommend it so much for outdoor use. Unlike the fold-up type, the inflatable type doesn’t have “legs” and thus will be in direct contact with dirt, dust, grass, or sand.  Keep it in your room for an afternoon nap or a full-night’s sleep, much to your little one’s delight!

Comparison – in a nutshell

Let us compare the pros and cons of the two types of toddler travel bed.

Fold-Up TypeInflatable Type
+ easy and quick to set-up and pack-away- more time to set up; may need a pump, so can be noisy
- no raised sides; children who move around a lot when asleep may fall off+ secured with raised sides
+ indoor and outdoor use- not recommended for outdoor use
+ easy to clean+ easy to clean
+ cheaper choice- more expensive
+ can double as fold-up benches+ can double as a playpen
- less durable+ made from durable material

Conclusion and Recommendations

A portable toddler bed is really a must-have travel gear for you next family trip. You will need to choose which type of toddler travel bed can best suit your needs.

If you’re the easy, no-fuss type, we recommend the Fold-up Toddler Travel Bed for your family. But if you’re looking for a more secure option that will last longer, the Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed is definitely the one for you.